Generic Firewall Configuration Guide

  1. Log into firewall settings
  2. If using firewall for DHCP on the network, create a DHCP reservation for the probe
    • This keeps the Probe from floating to another IP address when it is restarted and will ensure that your rules will continue working
  3. Create aliases for A records and the iStatus Probe if your firewall allows
    • Probe -> local IP address
    • ->
    • ->
  4. Create a rule/policy that is a static route (Policy Based Routing) from the probe to each of the iStatus A records
    • These rules are using SSL destination port 443
    • Probe -> that directs out the primary internet connection only
    • Probe -> that directs out the failover internet connection only
  5. Save the new firewall configuration
  6. Plug in the iStatus probe
  7. Log into iStatus Dashboard
  8. Locate the probe for your organization
  9. Verify in the iStatus Dashboard that both connections are receiving pulses
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