WatchGuard Firewall Configuration Guide

  1. Log into WatchGuard firewall
  2. Open Policy Manager
  3. If using WatchGuard for DHCP on the network, create a DHCP reservation for the Probe
    • Network -> Configuration
    • Click on the Network, and click the Configure button
    • Under the Reserved Address section, click Add
    • Name it iStatus Probe
    • Add an open, unused IP Address to reserve for the probe
    • Enter the MAC Address of the probe, which is labeled on the probe
  4. Go to Setup -> Aliases
  5. Add an Alias for iStatus A Records and the Probe
    • Probe -> local IP address
    • ->
  6. Create two new policies
    • These Policies are Allowed HTTPS Packet Filter rules on port 443
    • From iStatus Probe ->
      • Click Checkbox for Select the method to route outbound traffic
      • Select the Failover Internet connection
      • Make sure that the Failover Checkbox is not checked
  7. Save the configuration to the firewall
  8. Plug in the iStatus probe
  9. Log into iStatus Dashboard
  10. Locate the probe for your organization
  11. Verify in the iStatus Dashboard that both connections are receiving pulses
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