Hot Corners still pop up using Mouse/Touchpad even if disabled in RetroUI

Hot corners still pop up when using a mouse when they are disabled in RetroUI.

Explanation of problem:
Some new mice and touchpads generate 'gestures'. You can test this by making a gesture from outside the touchpad. Place your finger outside the touchpad on the right side, then swipe your finger in, moving from right to left to the center of the touchpad. If this opens the Charms Bar, them your device is generating gesture events.

The process varies in how to disable these but if you open your mouse or touchpad properties it can be turned off. Please read the following article on this topic.

RetroUI block Hot corners feature blocks MOUSE input to the Hotcorners, and does not / cannot block these gestures.

Microsoft discussion on how to Disable Trackpad gesture support in Windows 8:
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