Problem – I had a prior version of RetroUI installed but can’t seem to get the new version installed

We have seen some users who cannot get the new version of RetroUI Pro to install or run because files are locked on their system. We have a small utility that corrects this problem and allows it to be fully uninstalled so that it can be reinstalled. Because there are Windows services involved, it is important to follow the Windows instructions and not skip the reboot part of the instructions below. Windows has ‘locks’ on certain system files, and those ‘locks’ are released after reboot of the system.

To use the RetroUI Pro cleanup utility:

  1. Uninstall any previous version RetroUI, and reboot your PC if it asks you to reboot.
  2. Download the cleanup utility and run it:
  3. Reboot your PC
  4. Install the latest version of RetroUI Pro from:
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