How can I manually install RetroUI Pro as Administrator

During installation, it appears that the installer isn't running correctly. Can I manually install RetroUI Pro, as an Administrator?

Yes, RetroUI Pro can be installed by following these steps from an Administrative Command Prompt.

To do this you should first uninstall RetroUI Pro and reboot then take the following steps:

•Download RetroUI Pro from From the download dialog make note of the file name of the installer, which is normally:
RetroUIPro_x64_Setup.msi for the 64-bit version
RetroUIPro_x86_Setup.msi for the 32-bit version

•Open an administrative command prompt:
o Press the Windows Key and X on your keyboard
o Select Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu

•Navigate to the downloads directory by typing this in the command prompt window:
cd %homepath%\downloads
o then press Enter

•Run the installer by typing the name of the installer and pressing Enter:

•Follow the prompts as you would normally

•After the installation is complete you MUST logoff and log back on. This is because the Start menu will be running as an escalated process and WILL NOT WORK until you logoff and log back on.
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